Professor/Scientist David G. Iadevaia

On 21 August 2017 there will be a total solar eclipse of the Sun. Prof. David G. Iadevaia, retired Pima College Astronomy/Physics professor also known as Papa to his grandchildren, has been planning this particular Great American Eclipse Trip for 26 years...since the last Great Eclipse in 1991. Due to circumstances beyond his control his children were unable to travel to LaPaz, Mexico with him for that total solar eclipse...vowing to himself that he and his children would one day experience a total solar eclipse together…the planning for Papa's 2017 Great American Eclipse Expedition began. He has a blog that will document the journey from a past wish to a current reality...Papa's 2017 Great American Eclipse Expedition!

Days before the eclipse a small caravan of RVs will leave Tucson and head to the KOA Douglas Campground in Douglas, WY which is the base camp for the eclipse expedition. Prof. Iadevaia, a veteran of more than 5 eclipse expeditions around the world will give a public lecture about the eclipse the night before the event. He plans to conduct several experiments during the eclipse. He will have telescopes set up for safely viewing the eclipse as well as a large screen monitor with a live image as the eclipse progresses to totality. He also plans to live stream video during the eclipse. Several of his grandchildren will serve as “reporters” during the live video stream giving a personal, scientific educational experience from an elementary school student’s point of view for any school that would like to tune in. (This all depends on sky conditions at the base camp)